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I am the son of a crown
the prince of prince
In me lies a traditional diadem
with the charms of ancestral
Immortality from the gods.

I am the the ray of the sun
that bright up the day of man,
The subordinate moon that
illuminate the dark night.

The dark darkness that
impact knowledge into the head of a duller to view the
hidden light in the face of murk.

I am that beautiful rose planted
in the soul of your heart to
circulate pure love into the blood of your vein.

I am the enigmatic creature
that live no life but dwell
Between the heaven and earth.

I am the learning poet
that write to divert your mindset from the perspective of evil unto the favor in goodness and benevolence.

I am the son of man
birthed by a woman
In the form of human.

I am that literary demon
that forcefully open your
mind to the poetry of the soul.

I am the ancient king
that stare at the crown
and feel happy and fortified.

I am the wise dog that dare
enter the cave of the lion
and tore him apart mercilessly.

I am the sacred rite that must
be perform to regain peace in the land of absolute agony.

I am the me in me
In me lies me
I was created to be me
Without being mean
I am me.

© Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi
All Right Reserved 2016

David Okoli Jul 7 '17 · Tags: literary, poetry, poem
David Okoli Admin Board


Whose blood is this that waste
Like the water from a mistaken
Open tap?
Oh Romeo of our ages!
Why hath this befallen me?

You vow to be my ever lover
And I place you in my heart
Forever and ever
I put you in a place where
You will not shiver
But your heartless action caused
Me Lassa fever

I put you in a place where
blood flows
Thinking you will enhance
My psychological growth
But you appear a predatory
Night Owl
And pierced my heart with
A poisonous Arrow

Now my heart bleed of betrayal
Betrayal of such a damsel
Seems peculier
Peculiar in the sense of immemorial
Whose fault is it that am dying
As romeo the lover.

© Adedamola Quadri Adeniyi
All Right Reserved 2016

David Okoli Jul 7 '17 · Tags: poems, poetry, literary
David Okoli Admin Board

Paris (AFP)

Even moderate drinking is linked to brain damage and a slight decline in mental skills, according to a study released Wednesday that calls into question many national alcohol guidelines.Men and women who consume 14-to-21 drinks a week over decades are two to three times more likely than non-drinkers to show atrophy in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that governs memory and the ability to keep one's bearings, said the study, published in the medical journal BMJ.

They also performed more poorly on a specific verbal test, though other language functions appeared to remain unchanged.

A single drink was defined as containing 10 millilitres (eight grammes) of pure alcohol -- the equivalent of a large glass of wine, a pint of five-percent beer, or a shot of spirits such as whisky or vodka.

Last year, the British government revised its guidelines for alcohol consumption, lowering the recommended maximum for men and women to 14 "units," or drinks, spread out over a week.In other countries, that threshold is set higher for men: 35 units in Spain, 24.5 in the United States, 21 in Denmark and Ireland, and 19 in New Zealand.

For women, however, guidelines for maximum weekly consumption in all of these nations, except for Spain, is 14 drinks or less.

The negative impact of heavy drinking on the brain is well documented, but research on potential damage from "moderate" consumption -- up to now defined as two or three drinks a day, on average -- has been scant and inconclusive.

To probe further, researchers at the University of Oxford and University College London combed through data on 550 men and women monitored during 30 years as part of the so-called Whitehall II study.Volunteers reported periodically on their drinking habits, and scientists carried out brain tests at regular intervals. None were alcoholics at the outset.

The effect of 14-to-21 units of alcohol on the hippocampus was clearly shown by imaging technology.- 'Hidden damage' -Mental performance tests were less conclusive: only one measuring language fluency showed a clear impact, while others showed no decline in brain function.

"Alcohol consumption -- even at moderate levels -- is associated with adverse brain outcomes," the researchers concluded.

The findings "support the recent reduction in alcohol guidance in the United Kingdom, and question the current limits recommended in the United States," they wrote.

Nor did the scientists uncover any "evidence of a protective effect of light drinking over abstinence on brain structure or function," a tentative conclusion of earlier research.Because the new study was observational and not experimental, no firm conclusions could be drawn about cause and effect. 

The authors also acknowledged that the sample size was small.

Outside experts gave the study mixed reviews."It shows evidence for 'hidden' damage to the brain," commented Paul Matthews of Imperial College London, who highlighted the value of the advanced imaging techniques used.Jennifer Wild, a senior researcher in clinical psychology at the University of Oxford, said the results showed a "robust link" between what most people would consider casual drinking and brain degeneration later in life.

Other scientists expressed scepticism about some of the methodology, and the self-reporting of alcohol consumption.

"Over the 30-year period, weekly intake did not increase in the study participants," noted Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford.

This flies in the face of a known pattern of increasing consumption through early adulthood, and a gradual tapering off into older age, he pointed out.


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In Yemen

Due to the continuation of conflict and siege, the country of Yemen is going through difficult circumstances, which has affected the economic and social situation of all levels of citizens.

In general, the war affected the economic, educational, health and cultural levels of all members of society. As we know that the first effect of these wars and conflicts is the scarcity and high prices of oil derivatives.

As Yemen is a developing country and most of its inhabitants are a low-income, low-income class that suffers from cutting-off sources of income as a result of continued war, the high prices of oil derivatives, the lack of water, cutting off services, and the spread of diseases have increased more the suffering of citizens in society.

One of these affected areas, the governorate of Hodeidah, whose inhabitants are known for their simplicity and the lack of sources of their income. Especially, Al-jroba Village, which is located in Bait Al-faqih in Hodeidah Governorate.

Residents of this region face difficulty in obtaining basic resources, including water, which is a vital source of life, and face the spread of cholera, which threatens their lives.

Yemen is also facing a serious water crisis.

As a result of the lack of water, they go to Al-jroba Farm, carrying empty bottles with them to be filled directly with water from the wells of the farm without sterilization, which led to the spread of deadly cholera. Also, due to the lack and high prices of oil derivatives, the farm is threatened with a halt as a result of the cessation of all its pumps, all of which work with diesel.

As a result, life stops on the farm in particular and in the village in general. This will increase directly the suffering of 3900 villagers, 400 farmers and 400 workers on the farm and increase unemployment and poverty, which constitute a major burden in our society, among households benefiting from farm services.

Your Heartfelt wishes and donations are required at this time for the men, women and children of Yemen.

The People Of Yemen Need Your Urgent Assistance Donate Here to aid the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Yemeni Children Struggling For Water

Donate Here

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People In Yemen Need Help
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