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For Developers

Social networks app development can be provided from scratch or as an add-in to the existing web version. At The App Solutions, we can work with any option. Most of the time and cost are related on the backend.

APP Developers

Apps have the ability to inform people about a certain topic, while entertaining their audience. This unique intersection makes them extremely valuable on the social media circuit, due to their easy-to-digest nature.

A well written app contains great branding, useful information, elements of humor and an end-result that will leave you wanting to share it with your friends.

Build and host your own Games

For Developers

Games on social media platforms are largely credited for starting the 3rd party apps revolution- and with good reason. They are amongst the most engaging genre of apps to-date. By creating a fun and challenging game that has your brand's elements integrated into it, you can expect your audience to interact with your brand for extended periods of time.

Social media networks have created a platform where we can interact & communicate not only with each other, but also with our favorite brands, products, services, games & more via Social Media Applications. Now this is why building an App is great news

Social media app development is no easy task. But we believe that good ideas, experience, a strong professional team is enough to create a successful project that would reach your goals.

Apps on Loggerbros MAG creates a Memorable Experiences, Sparks conversation that goes viral If you ever need help with your apps and development, you’ll find a range of top talent, from programmers to designers, writers, customer support reps, and more on our community.
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