Welcome to the Loggerbros Partnership corner.


We encourage you to grow with us as we embark on a journey of connecting the world.

Our cost-effective tool gives a wide, open platform for growing business where traditionally they would have required a large advertising spend to have their message heard

Loggerbros MAG is a central hub of our social media strategy and producing really relevant content that helps drive our target audience back to our website.

Adoption of social media marketing has been "very much in line" with consumer use of our website.

We are all beginning to see the value of the two-way communication available through social media.

The whole ability today and advantage is that you can turn what used to be cold calling into a process of warm connections with every tool available on Loggerbros MAG

Just having a social media presence isn't enough, however; successful use of networking sites for a business boils down to an integrated system of connected newsletters, website SEO and use of networking platforms like ours all powered by the engine of the blog. We provide you a system where you can communicate effectively and grow leads as well for businesses.

Our partners gain:
  • Free access to all paid services
  • Most of your Adverts across all member profiles are free.
  • Cheaper promotion of your website/blog feed across member profile,member dashboard, and mobile site
  • Cheaper footer link sponsoring.
  • Admin/Moderator statuses where necessary
  • Constant tracking of progress made, where applicable, amongst others

Social media is an important aspect of doing business in the 21st Century and we implore you to become our partner today

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