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Why embrace social media for students, staff and enterpreneurs?

If we want to run for office, run a business, or change how things are run where we work, live, or play we must be savvy in the use of social media. It is crucial for college, career, and life success. It can also save time for students, teachers, government, employees and business owners.

in the 21st century, it is your online reputation that allows you to show what you know.

Social media and learning via social media is fun and easy and impacts you with all the necessary tools you need to impact in today's demanding life and work culture..
In-house training and certification

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On the most practical level, integrating social media into day-to-day learning makes sense.

Learning management systems like Blackboard and Moodle have been involved in online learning for more than a decade. Now, public and private schools alike are taking the first steps to embrace social media in the classroom.

Loggerbros MAG is poised to power a new education revolution.

There are vast amounts of social media resources in today's world, and social media is becoming more and more popular in today's schools. Teachers will find, amongst others, that our social media tools effective for their students, especially since these tools and programs are mostly free.

The Loggebros MAG education and certification platform/system can allow students to access a variety of knowledgeable peers, parents, community members, children's literature authors, academics and other people who might not otherwise be available

To get you started, Create a community(nest): It's common for many students to be challenged by the same learning concept or course assignment. Loggerbros MAG can help centralize the collective knowledge of an entire class to make studying and communicating more efficient for everyone.

Then, Organize learning resources: Have classes use content services like Docs(Internal and External Docs services) for team projects; it can make keeping organized and sharing notes much easier.

Supplement course materials:  Social media can help identify additional content to reinforce or extend core instruction.

  • Look for YouTube videos and playlists for extra learning on the most challenging topics.
  • Follow existing subject-area hashtags.
  • Send video notes, questions, or reminders to your classmates.
  • Search on all your social channels often for course topics, keywords, and expert names.
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