Kikicoin architecture

We are glad to announce that your beloved Loggerbros and the Kikicoin Group have now taken on a long lasting collaboration to drive more synergy into what we offer.

Both Loggerbros users and the Kikicoin community will experience different benefits about the synergy of the new partnership in their extremely effective and unique technologies.

Kikicoin – The First Blockchain Business Directory based on the Apollowallet technology – is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Loggerbros MAG, an online dating services platform; offering premium online dating services, International tourism and events management, a  keen franchise network in an innovative win-win results-driven functional business environment.

Both Loggerbros users and the Kikicoin community will experience different benefits about the synergy of the new partnership:

Both have a strategic impact with:

– Their extremely effective and unique technologies;

– Both have a huge social green impact of utility pushing the growth of community supporting projects;

– Both have the goal of increasing the number of active users in their community.

The Kikicoin (KIKI) project is a business directory that powers businesses on the business directory platform with application and use spreading to franchise, media, e-commerce, real estate, events and ticketing, jobs and freelance, agriculture, business social networking, business artificial intelligence, amongst other applications in the business and client ecosystem.

The Kikicoin Project also includes:


Several businesses from different countries listed on the Kikiconnect business directory platform [and soon kikicoin] for the Kikicoin digital currency.


Several businesses from different countries trading on the kikiconnect online marketplace[and soon, the kikicoin platform]. Kikicoin will be implemented soon.


A jobs portal already exists on the kikiconnect ecosystem [and soon kikicoin] that lists jobs vacancies besides businesses and that will be powered by the new technology that is the Kikicoin.


A real estate platform already exists on the kikiconnect [and soon Kikicoin] ecosystem that lists properties for sale and lease besides business listings and that will be powered by kikicoin.


A full-fledged events listing, promotions and management platform is soon to be launched; powered by the Kikicoin initiative.


The company will soon also launch full franchise business expansion drive; this will be in bid to add more avenues and places to the kikicoin driven ecosystem.

The Loggerbros platform sets the trend in both free and premium membership opportunities. Where free users are entitled to basic services only, premium users make the key difference.

Premium users are not just members: they are a new passionate kind of lovers of the market and pay for a service that drives behaviors and makes them learn new concepts – both theoretical and practical – about the usefulness of related technology and related services.

These are small professionals and entrepreneurs who love and use blockchain applications.

In return, premium users are rewarded with new opportunities with Premium class entry; unlimited and even higher privileges in Meetups and hookups; Live chat services; Your own events support; 50% Discount on all products and services; Their own premium business and product promotions plus so much more – the list goes way longer!

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