When you think of a trend, do you think about of a silly fashion thing that has nothing to do with you, or do you think of checking out what the trend is? Perhaps you’re one of those people who will follow it slavishly or maybe you will take the best of the ideas and add your spin on a good idea.

Wedding florists are ahead of the trends

For a florist, there are advantages to knowing what the trends are and the specialist florist in Rosebud keeps up to date with all that’s news. You can see these influences in the designs and suggestions for wedding flowers on the Mornington Peninsula.


Flowers have a curious habit of deciding when to be seasonal all by themselves, which makes incorporating a colour theme into the flowers for a wedding an art. This season’s colours are subtle changes on traditional colours. Instead of salmon pink the hip colour is apricot yellow. Close but not exactly.


You might not have registered it but there are trends in shape too. Sometimes a wedding like the Sussex’s comes along and the things they chose influence us all. But at other times there’s just a general movement toward an inverted triangle. For this year, it is the circle.

This does not necessarily mean a wreath but rather a hoop. These work especially well if there are little girls in the bridal party. There’s something to hold on to and a hoop is much less intimidating than a bouquet for small people.

Where wreaths do work, even at this time of year, is in mini as an alternative to the groom and groomsmen’s traditional buttonhole. If you’re looking for something totally out of the blue, think of a rosemary wreath with a single dash of colour on it.

Foraging for a bouquet

This is an idea which is really different and in the hands of a good florist in Rosebud, can be spectacular. This type of bouquet will include anything the florist wants it to. There will be things sourced from Mornington Peninsula, but expect to see them in a totally new light.

For wedding flowers, a Mornington Peninsula florist will add twists and touches all their own to create something you have never seen before. Explore ideas of what you like as well as colours which work for you. What you will get at the end is something that’s unique, you and much greener than hothouse forced flowers.


A mandala is usually made of different kinds of sand, but why not create one with flowers and plants? If you’re being married al-fresco a mandala is an alternative to putting up an arch so there is something to stand under. If you want something different a flower mandala will do it.

Trends are the ideas and just the start

Hopefully these trends will give you a few ideas all of your own. Next, talk to your florist about turning them into a reality on your big day.

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